Last updated: September 14, 2022


Use of a Group. The purpose of a Group is to enable Group members to offer items or services to other members, either for free or for a fee.

Contact Information. We reserve the right (but not the obligation) to validate all contact information included in your Group.

Accuracy of Links. Any links in your Group description shall link to the appropriate web page specified (e.g., a link named Hillsdale Middle School’s website should link to website for Hillsdale Middle School).

Prohibited Content and Activities. You agree that your Group pages and posts do not link to websites that contain any Prohibited Content or content that are not relevant to the purpose of the Group.


This section applies to all Content submitted to our Service, including Group pages, Group posts, photos, reviews, videos, and other content. Content that contains the following types of materials are prohibited from being submitted to our Service.

Adult content

* Pornography, nudity, near nudity, suggestive acts

Dangerous or derogatory content

* Promotes harm or bigotry

* Harassing, threatening, or defamatory

* Violent, gruesome, or disgusting

* Recreational drug-use, online gambling, or weapons

* Disparages other businesses or users

* Contains obscene or profane language, or otherwise violates general etiquette (i.e., no all caps or excessive typographic symbols)

Fraudulent content

* Promotes fraudulent activity

* Impersonate any person or entity, or is intentionally misleading


* Discloses other people’s private information

Illegal content

* Content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others


* Emails that violate the CAN-SPAM or other anti-spam laws


We do not allow businesses that offer these types of services, products, or content:

* Affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing

* Credit repair and get out of debt services

* Cryptocurrencies and any digital assets related to an Initial Coin Offering

* Escort services

* Gambling services

* Hookup or sexual encounter services

* List broker and rental services

* Pharmaceutical products

* Selling “Likes” or followers for social media platforms

* Spouse finders, marriage brokers, and similar services

* Work from home, make money online, and similar services