Are You Passionate About Making the World a Better Place?

At Groupcycle, our primary mission is to dramatically reduce the waste that goes into landfills through Reuse Groups. But we also care deeply about helping communities. As we work on improving our Platform and business strategies, we keep in mind how to improve the lives of every stakeholder in a Reuse Group. We ask ourselves questions like
  • How can we help families generate extra cash through selling kids items?
  • How can we help the financially-needy acquire more items for free?
  • How do we help those who need to work from home generate income through becoming Group Managers?
If you share our mission and passion, please email your resume and cover letter to

Social Media Internship

Would you like to do meaningful and impactful work while developing your social media skills? We are looking for applicants who care about sustainability and are interested in using their strong communication skills to spread environmental awareness.

Groupcycle is a Silicon Valley platform that is working to dramatically reduce the waste that goes into landfills by revolutionizing the way consumers treat their used belongings. The platform maximizes the reuse of items by offering users a frictionless way to give or sell used items to others through community groups. Group members feel comfortable meeting in person to pick up items since they know they’ll be meeting with members of the same community who live close by.

Our company is looking for a highly motivated individual to fill the position of Social Media Intern. A successful candidate will have strong interpersonal and communication skills and be able to communicate knowledgeably about the Groupcycle platform. The Marketing Intern will work with the organization’s marketing team to create social assets and content to promote Groupcycle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels.

We have videos and other tutorials to help you learn how to market successfully. You’ll gain insight into crafting persuasive marketing communication, marketing a tech platform, and spreading environmental awareness, invaluable skills for students planning for a career in marketing, tech, or the environment.

Please email your resume and cover letter to

Group Managers

We are looking for college students to be Group Managers. It’s a 3+ month program where we provide continuous training and feedback. The opportunity is great for students who are interested in developing their leadership, management, and social media skills.