Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of groups can I start?

You can start a group for your college, church, neighborhood, apartment building, an organization you belong to, or your kids’ schools or clubs.

How do Group Managers get paid?

Group Managers get paid from the revenue that the group generates. Groups generate revenue from paid posts. The posts that offer and request items are free, but the posts that offer services are charged a fee per post. If Groupcycle places ads on your Group pages, your Group may also generate revenue from your Group’s ratable share of ad views. The percentage of fees payable to a Group Manager is fifty percent (50%) of the fees received by Groupcycle.

What are my duties as a Group Manager?

1) Invite members to join. 2) Admit members to your group in accordance with the description of your group. For example, if your group is described as a group for parents of Hillsdale Middle School, then members admitted should only be parents of Hillsdale Middle School. 3) Moderate the content posted by group members to ensure conformance with our Acceptable Use Guidelines. You can promote members to moderators or administrators to assist you with these tasks.

Can members post for free?

Posts that offer to give or sell items are free. Posts that offer services are charged a small fee.

Why do you charge for service posts?

The main purpose our our platform is to encourage “reuse” of items. So, those posts are always free. However, since the group members belong to a trusted and moderated group, it’s a great opportunity to offer services to other members of the community. For instance, a parent of a middle schooler might be much more inclined to hire a landscaper or a piano teacher who has a child that goes to the same school. Since the service providers earn an income, we charge a small fee for the post.

How are your groups different?

Our groups are different because the Group Managers are paid. It takes time and effort to manage a group. Through paying the Group Managers, we are encouraging them to dedicate time and effort to building trust in their groups.

Can Group Managers allow other content?

Yes. People are more likely to give or sell things to people in their community. To help build a sense of community, your group manager has the option to offer additional ways for members to interact, such as enabling Events, Housing, and Talk tabs as well as a Forum section.

Can I create a group for my state?

No. To deliver items and services, members often need to meet in person. So, we don’t allow groups for a state or a county.