Internships for College Students

Fully-Remote and Part-Time

Group Managers

Are you passionate about sustainability? Do you want to develop your leadership and management skills? Apply to become the Group Manager for a campus reuse group or an off-campus group and get paid for doing meaningful work while learning valuable management and communication skills. Our interns enjoy exclusivity. This means that we will not approve another similar group during your internship!
Help the Environment

At Groupcycle, our mission is to dramatically reduce the waste that goes into landfills by focusing on the second R of sustainability - reuse. We are working to revolutionize the way consumers handle their used belongings by providing a frictionless way to give away or sell used items. Reuse Groups let members give or sell their stuff to other members or ask for items that they need within their local community.

Start and Manage a Reuse Group

Help make your community more sustainable! Start and manage a Reuse Group for your college campus or off-campus, so members can give or sell their things to other members. Members feel comfortable meeting up to deliver the items because they know they are meeting up with people in their community. We also have community-building features such as Talk, Events, Housing, For Rent, and Resources to help you increase engagement.



Group Managers get paid from the revenue that the group generates. Groups generate revenue from paid posts from members and businesses. Group Managers earn 50% of the group revenue. As the group grows, so does your compensation!


A Group Manager's main responsibilities are inviting people to join, approving membership requests, and moderating the group. Our Platform is designed to make it easy for Group Managers to run their groups. You can set up automatic approvals, and there are self-moderating features on the Group activity feed. To further save time, you can promote members to moderators or administrators to help you with all of these tasks.

Term of Internship

The term of an internship is generally around 2-3 months. If you are starting a college group, you can continue managing your group until you graduate, if you choose.

Internship Process

We provide training materials, including videos, guides, sample presentations, sample email templates, and more. Many students love the flexibility of working whenever they want. So, we provide you with the opportunity to either work independently or as part of a more structured internship program.

Email us and include the following information:
  • Your name
  • College or university you are currently attending
  • Your major
  • Your anticipated graduation date
  • Why you are interesed in this position
  • Anything else you want us to know about you
  • Please attach your resume to the email

Earn 50% of Group Revenue

Your Compensation Grows as the Group Grows